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Chelsea this season, axinfenwa suddenly became popular, because he is too strong, a lot of people are interested in the player after the game, it became the United Kingdom domestic Web search terms. Axinfenwa playing the greatest hobby is fitness,   nike flyknit air max    almost every day in the gym for several hours, of course, he is no Bai Lian, also a semi professional bodybuilders. Reportedly axinfenwa upper arm weights nearly 200 kg in weight, which is almost twice his weight. In the FIFA2014 game, axinfenwa a strong index reached 97 out of 100, United Kingdom media called the beast, but his overall value only 63, has just passed. And players in General compared to axinfenwa body is almost twice times as each other, developed pectoral muscles, broad back, bulging thighs and arms, all forms can be compacted. Axinfenwa said: my arm almost as Terry's legs almost coarse. But axinfenwa's weakness is too slow, he said he would not choose their own when playing games, because it is very slow. Of course, football is not as strong as possible in great shape, lots of fans and professionals who used to think that axinfenwa is not suitable for play, because he was so strong.





EwingAthletics the Japan famous stores Atmos cooperation, featuring leading classic shoes Ewing33Hi create a joint Royal blue shoes. This pair of atmosxEwingAthleticsEwing33Hi Royal Blue Suede shoe selection area to create and mix in lime with a splash-ink details on bottom with black lining. The details, adding not only shoes used by the Atmos is often luminous element, Atmos embroidered at the left heel. Asics in joint cooperation with the Bodega Boston shoe store, both modelled on select popular shoes AsicsGelLyteV, to create a Geocached GetWet two color schemes. Two pairs of shoes are the elegant tones to create uppers, and supplemented by GORE-TEX breathable waterproofing material as the liner. Joined Suede, shoes are 3M reflective element, RIP-proof nylon and other details, makes shoes is functional. Other than two pairs of shoes, Asics and Bodega also like shoe friends prepared a package of apparel products. Beyond working with Bodega Ascis and shoe store LimitEDitions with Barcelona in Catalonia with a local flavor to create a double joint shoe called Surredaliste.





Chelsea Frank Lampard made the difference for Manchester City, that Blues duo get to the fierce competition. Chelsea defeat of 3-5 Spurs, before Manchester city avoided by 3-2 victory at Sunderland. draws 20 rounds after 14 wins, 4 and 2 defeats Chelsea scored 46 points, 14 Manchester City WINS, 4 draws, and 2 losses, 46 minutes, Blues Duo points are exactly the same. Objective of the competition is 25. Goals scored. Manchester City 20 rounds have been bombarded with  nike air max thea   44 goals that Chelsea are 44 balls, exactly the same. Strange landscape appears in the Premier League: Chelsea and Manchester City, with the same exact team tied in the first place in the Premier League. Of course, in a string of top of the classification, Chelsea is the first reason. Because Chelsea Chelsea starts with the letter c, Manchester City Manchester City before the letter m. lead Chelsea at the beginning of the season, but 0-0-Sunderland, lost to Newcastle 1-1 flat in Southampton, after the defeat of 3-5 Spurs lead Chelsea shrinking.

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